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Welcome to Pima County Land Permitting Customer Portal

This portal provides access to permits, project records, associated inspections and accepts payments. You may return to this main page at any time by selecting the "Home" button in the top banner.                


To get started, enter your permit/project number in the search box at the top right of the screen or select one of the modules listed below: (click here for a detailed list of which record types are included in each of the below categories) 

To make a payment, please search for your record, then click on Payments, then click on Fees. 

Please Note: This portal requires the use of Internet Explorer version 10 or 11, Firefox 32, Safari 6 in Mac OS X 10.8, Opera 24 or Google Chrome 37. This application is not supported in IE9 and under, and will result in display and/or processing problems.

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